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The intention of this page is to be a platform for local Picture Rocks groups, and for the community as a whole to  contribute and make a difference. Check out the calendar for upcoming events, sign up for the monthly newsletter, view the resources we have for Picture Rocks, and learn what’s going on today to improve our tomorrow.

Quick Facts About Picture Rocks:

Our Growth

Based off of the US Census Picture Rocks data shows that there were 9,563 residents in 2010 compared to 8,139 in 2000. This represents a 17.5% increase in population. Higher areas of population are located near Sandario Rd, Ina Rd, Magee Rd, and Picture Rocks Rd.

Our Communication

Pima County is working hard improving Picture Rocks in many different ways. Did you know there was a study done in 2013 of our needs? Two public open house meetings a total of 37 PR residents showed up! Sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up with events.

Our Roads

Currently there are approximately 140 miles of roads that are not maintained by Pima County, many of which are unpaved. By comparison, there are approximately 46 miles of paved roads that are maintained by the County.

46 Miles of Paved Roads
140 Miles of Dirt Roads

Upcoming Events

Many of us have hectic schedules and won’t be able to attend every meeting, luckily we can stay up-to-date on local meetings, Pima County meetings that are important to our community, and more using this calendar.  

Picture Rocks Newsletter

Join our newsletter and stay in the know of the latest information and meetings regarding Picture Rocks today. We will never sell your information or blow up your inbox, our newsletter is sent once a month.

Education and Resources

Pima County’s project confirmed that there is not a broad public understanding of the requirements for roads to be placed on the Maintenance System and maintained by the County. Read through the resources below to have a better understanding of the requirements. If you’re looking for more information on private road grading please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Picture Rocks Transportation Study

Click the icon to view the Important study done in 2014, review what the local stakeholder Input was during the study:

  • Marana Unified School District
  • Picture Rocks Fire District
  • Picture Rocks Community Association
  • Pima County Sheriff’s Department
  • National Park Service
  • District 3 Pima County Supervisor
  • Pima County Department of Transportation Traffic Engineering Division
  • Arizona State Land Department
  • Picture Rocks Public Open House attendance: 37 residents

Reporting a Problem to Pima County

Other Resources

Picture Rocks Elementary

  • 5875 N Sanders Rd
  • (520) 616-3700

Marana Middle School

  • 11279 W. Grier Rd., Marana 
  • (520) 682-4730

Marana High School

  • 12000 W. Emigh Rd.
  • (520) 616-6400

Accordion Content

Picture Rocks Community Center

  • 5615 N. Sanders Rd.
  • (520) 682-7166

Ortiz Community Health Center

  • 12635 W. Rudasill Rd.
  • (520) 682-3777

Department of Economic Security

  • 3912 W. Ina Rd., Marana
  • (520) 744-5850

Marana Food Bank

  • 11734 W. Grier Rd., Marana
  • (520) 682-3001

Avra Water Coop

  • 11821 W. Picture Rocks Rd.
  • (520) 682-7331

TRICO Electric Coop

  • 8600 W. Tangerine Rd. Marana, AZ 85658

  • (520) 744-2944

Southwest Gas

  • 1 (877) 860-6020 


  • A.P.E (520) 887-6061
  • Ferrellgas (520) 622-1491
  • Amerigas (520) 690-1880

Picture Rocks Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • (520) 465-8895
  • PictureRocksNHN@gmail.com

Elder Alliance

  • (520) 903-3912
  • desler@unitedwaytucson.org

CARE-A-VAN (Free Ride to Grocery Store)

  • (520) 903-3912
  • desler@unitedwaytucson.org

Picture Rocks Seniors Group

  • (520) 682–7166
  • prseniorgroup@gmail.com

Pima Council on Aging (Pima Meals on Wheels)

  • (520) 790-7262
  • www.pcoa.org

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • (520) 323-4476
  • www.azga.org
  • gparentambassador@gmail.com

Updates via Pima County Sheriff & various reps, Mayor of Tucson, Dept. of Transportation, & more in real time:

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