Home Hacks

These clever tips will make your life much easier. They will help with your day-to-day tasks without a major effort.

By Michael Balicki

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.

1. After assembling furniture, tape the key to the underside so that you can find it in the future

Taping the key, assembly instructions, and warranty underneath will make it convenient when you need to tighten screws, disassemble, or inquire about a warranty.

2. When you're changing batteries (like a smoke alarm), use a marker to write the date ON the batteries

That way you know right away when it was last changed.

3. Locate your water main and learn how to shut off the water to your house now

It may not be in an intuitive place, and it may require a special tool. Trying to figure it out during a water emergency is not fun.

4. In-wall kitchen vacuum

After searching for home upgrades with a client we came across this neat in-wall kitchen vacuum. Is it a modern solution or a gimmick?

5. Place containers of water in your freezer

If you have room, that way you will know if there was a power outage if the containers are liquid.

Bonus: they’ll keep items cold for longer during a power outage. 

6. Power cutting pruning tool

Great for pruning branches that are just a little too big to cut with the loppers.

7. Door handle that functions when pulled in any direction

Perfect for a door that you might need to open when you have no free hands typically or maybe for a workshop that you expect to have dirty hands.

8. When packing plates, put paper plates between them to keep them from chipping

9. Prevent birds from flying into your window by applying outside decals on your window glass

Many small birds are so territorial that they will fly straight into a glass window thinking they’re driving their own reflection away. A big thanks goes to Francisca Weber, a local photographer & talented native american flute player for this home hack tip!

Have other tips to share? Send them my way to add to the list!