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Interactive Tucson Arizona real estate data updated every month – If you’re getting into the real estate industry for the 1st time or the 10th it is important to immerse yourself in the local real estate data before making the decision to buy or sell.

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Buying on a Budget

Buying on a Budget Home prices have been steadily on the rise in Tucson for the last few years. Not only that, Tucson is #3 on the list of the hottest housing markets of 2020.

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2020 Year Planning

As we inch closer to the finish line of this decade it’s a good time to reminisce on your past goals and accomplishments. Iif you want to improve and be even more productive than last year I assume you already have goals that you want to accomplish in mind. How you document and plan those goals is just as, if not more important as having them. Well-planned goals gives you a clear map of how to get where you want to go.

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Buying strategy

If you’ve been actively looking for a home or thinking about buying in the long run, creating a real estate strategy is beneficial.

Market Information

15 %
First-time buyers
Median age of first-time buyers
Median age of repeat buyers
$ 150 K
Average homeowner's networth


Skills you can trust

If you are looking for an excellent Realtor that specializes in the NW area of Tucson and the Picture Rocks community this is the guy. Mike is the type of agent that is fun to work with and as honest as the day is long. #PRimprovement
Steve Walker
Average days on market Jan 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends! Realtor’s compensation is 100% commission based and we do not receive any pay for the work we do until a sale is made and escrow is closed. The seller pays commission to the listing agent through escrow and it is usually divided in a 50/50 manner with the buyers agent. 

There are over 6,000 realtors in Tucson, some of which charge buyers a retainer fee upfront before viewing homes, I don’t believe this is in the buyers best interest. As a buyer, no matter the situation, I don’t charge you a cent.

I would be happy to generate a comparable market analysis which will present very important information. We will review the latest market conditions in your area, the average days on market, and average sale price of similar homes that have sold in the previous 6-12 months.

It is beneficial but not needed to obtain a pre-approval letter prior to viewing homes. The preapproval will outline how much home you can quality for thus saving time when searching for the perfect home.

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